Year 11 Mock Examinations – December 2018

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Please be advised that the Year 11 mock examinations period will commence

on Monday, 10th December, 2018. The mock exams period is exactly what it

states; it is a mock opportunity to experience the full examination process. It is

a dress rehearsal for the full performance in the summer. Students will receive

a personalised examination timetable after half-term and any student entitled

to special concessions will be granted these in order to support them fully.

We aim to get as close as practically possible to the real event, going so far

as to hold a mock results day in January whereby students will gather in the

hall and collect their envelope of results experiencing the anticipation that they

will feel on the final results day.


The mock exams are not intended to be threatening or a judgement of ability.

Students should see them as a useful way of improving their knowledge and

memory as well as directing their future efforts. The mocks are also a

powerful tool for teachers and give vital information in relation as to whether

students are sitting the appropriate tier and what support/intervention they

might require.


We believe that the mock exams are highly beneficial for students and ask for

your support to work in partnership with us in encouraging your son/daughter

to take the mock examinations seriously and to ensure they are well prepared

for their mock exams.


Download the parent letter – Y11 Mock letterY11 Mock letter

Download the timetable – December Mocks 2018 – Timetable-2


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