Prestatyn High introduce new school uniform for Sept 2018

It is with great delight and pride that the Governing body of Prestatyn High School are introducing a new school uniform for September 2018. This uniform will bring a sophisticated style to Prestatyn High and start a new school legacy when they unveil their first new school uniform on 24th April, the first significant change in over 10 years. To gear up for the launch of the new uniform, the stylish new design will be put on show to parents, pupils and staff. A desire to change the uniform has been met with widespread parent, pupil and staff approval and support.

Mixing traditional styling based on original archived school uniforms, alongside modern tailoring, this new uniform will raise aspirations within the community and set Prestatyn High School apart. This formal dress will give our pupils a sense of pride and ownership that will transcend into the world of work and adulthood far beyond school.

Pupils at Prestatyn High School try out their new uniform. GA190418A

Neil Foley, Headteacher, said:

This is the ideal time to introduce a new formal, smart uniform to our school. For far too long we have lagged behind other schools in north Wales. The new uniform, combined with the improvements we have had in results at GCSE will assist us on our mission to drive up standards and give every child the education they deserve. All pupils need to take pride in their community, their school and their appearance. This is another step in our journey to improve the outcomes and aspirations of the school and its community.

Joanne Newell, Parent Governor and focus group Chair explains the inspiration for the new look:

The uniform working party was made up of Parents, Pupils, Governors, Retailers and Staff, and after a detailed consultation process we were able to put forward a final uniform design which is affordable, durable and smart. We are delighted with the end result which reflects the aspirations of the school, and the having high expectations we have in all areas of education. We will be proud to see all of our learners wearing it in September. I am also pleased to confirm that the school Governors have made a commitment to financially assist families on low incomes and support blazer purchases for the new Year 11 pupils.

The new uniform will be fully implemented from September 2018 and the school will insist on 100% compliance. Pupils returning in September without the correct uniform will asked to return in the appropriate uniform as outlined in our 2018 school uniform policy.

Pupils at Prestatyn High School try out their new uniform.

Support and Assistance
The governing body have given a commitment to help reduce the cost of the uniform for Year 11 pupils, as they will only be expected to wear the uniform for one year. In order to further support families, the Governing Body have also agreed that financial support would be available for children that are in receipt of Free School Meals as at May 1st 2018. Parents with multiple pupils at the school will also receive financial support if required. During the launch evening, the Chair of governors will provide information about how the school will contribute to the above. If any parents have issues surrounding the cost of the uniform not listed above, the school will assist on a case by case basis. The governors want to do everything possible to make sure all families will be able to afford the new uniform.

Assets – Uniform flyer
PHS Uniform Flyer

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